Banas Lavender Steps

Banas Silver Grey Steps

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6 Foot Dimensional Steps

4 Foot Dimensional Steps

4 Foot Random Steps

6 Foot Random Steps

Banas Stones offers a variety of natural stone steps in varying heights, widths, and stone colours. They are available in 6 and 7 inch heights, as well as 4, 5 and 6 foot widths. 7 and 8 foot steps can be special-ordered. Visit the Banas Stone Step Page for more information, or call our office for pricing and availability.

Brown's Concrete manufactures a variety of steps in different shapes and sizes. We have a 4 foot and a 6 foot dimensional step, as well as a 4 foot and a 6 foot random step, which have a more irregular shape. 

Banas Dove Grey Steps

6 Foot Dimensional Steps

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